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Injection Molded Products made from ABS, HDPE and others
Injection Molded Products

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What do we do?
3c Interglobal is a manufacturer specializing in assisting companies from small to large who want to increase the productivity and sales of their company, by lowering costs, increasing production quantity and also make a 1st class product.

We bring to the table a top-notch Western management team with years of hands-on manufacturing experience, China know-how and expertise as well as superb design and engineering skills on top of also bringing a first-class manufacturing facility.  We are process driven and meticulous about every detail to maintain the best quality products for our customers.  As we are
customer-centric company, we focus completely on your needs and requirements, making sure that the products produced are exactly as per your standards and requirements.  Check out more about us in who we are.

How can we help you?
What makes us stand out is our exceptional design, engineering, manufacturing and attention to quality control.  We are able to take your concept from initial prototype all the way through to production, assembly, checking, packaging and shipment.

  We have the technology, capability and experience in the following processes

Injection Molding  

Hand Layup

Blow Molding

Die Casting/ Sand Casting

Extrusion Molding  


Rapid Prototyping  


Mold Making

Stone Processing
Pultrusion   Stone Carving
Quality Control   In-House Certified Laboratory

We are also able to help you with development, manufacturing, sourcing or even if you're mired down with current projects elsewhere in China that are failing due to not receiving consistent and good quality products.  See what solutions we can provide in the Solutions section.  Not sure if are you ready for manufacturing in China, check this out for more details.

We are not looking to bid on products to be sourced or manufactured, as when the cost is the sole factor in determining whether to buy or not, the result is usually substandard products.  We strive to provide the best quality goods and can do so cost-effectively, but do not want to sell the super-cheap inferior goods that China is famously known for. We want to create a symbiotic relationship with you so that we can furnish you with what you require and maintain a long term relationship. Over 90% of our customers have returned to us for further projects and reorders due to our high quality, competitive price, attention to detail, and good working relationship.

A High-Strength Tensile Rod Manufactured by Pultrusion, then using injection molding (insert molding) a plastic head over it

Multiple injection parts manufactured by injection molding with caulking and a electrogalvanized nail

We combined manufacturing practices of a high strength tensile rod using pultrusion and an insert injection molded plastic head with a laminated sleeve (logo) over the rod

We used manufacturing process of multiple mating parts made from injection molding  encapsulating specially formulated caulking assembled together with an electro-galvanized nail in customer-patented product

Why use 3C Interglobal?
Many businesses have considered manufacturing in China but haven't pursued it because they don't know how to do it successfully. As a American company with a fully-American management team who live full time year-round in China, we can help provide the bridge to China.

With many competitors large and small, already overseas, 3C Interglobal can help you retain or regain that competitive edge by making superior quality goods at a lower cost by harnessing the reduced operational and labor costs of China.

Most companies fail or run into many problems when trying to enter China on their own or through a middleman. Due to a general lack of production control, quality control and quality assurance in most Chinese factories, as well as the natural communication difficulties stemming from the language and cultural barrier, most companies receive goods that are not as specified or whose quality is unstable from piece to piece and from order to order. We succeed over others because of our long time experience in the country and our professional staff who are dedicated to manufacturing products to a worldwide standard in our own factory

We take responsibility for entire projects of our clients, giving them the made-in-China low cost advantage over their competition without the headaches and delays of using a local manufacturer.  3C Interglobal warrants quality by working with Western designers, engineers and project managers that have many years of experience working and manufacturing in Asia.

It is our western on-site management's attention to detail that makes the difference between us and all other goods manufactured in China.  We have our own quality control department to do QA and QC on all products we produce.  Starting from incoming raw materials and supplies which have an IQC (Incoming Quality Control) done on them, to our WIP (work-in-process) where critical dimensions are measured every half hour, through to another QC (outgoing quality control) before the goods ship, we stand behind every product that we make.  Our in-house laboratory does destruction and strength test to confirm adherence to all physical and mechanical properties specified. 

Should I have my product manufactured in China?
Everybody has heard of the horror stories about doing business with local Manufacturers.  There's tremendous cost savings as goods from China are very cheap, but communication/cultural misunderstandings, inconsistent quality and constant delays top the list of problems.  With 3C we are primed to offer you the best of both worlds: our goods and molds utilize the low cost of Chinese labor and overheard but our team of Western managers guarantee and ensure full conformity to Western quality standards and on-time delivery of parts.

We manufacture for companies from large to small and they all gain from manufacturing with us, whether it's increased production speed and cost savings to expert designing and meticulous attention to detail.  As we manufacture solely in our own factory, we present a complete package to you and our in-house quality control and testing department ensures that we produce for you exactly as per your requirements, always.  As part of our ethical commitment, we work solely with one customer for their product grouping so that we have no product overlap.

We can arrange for your products to be delivered directly to your door and can include shipping and cargo insurance if requested. Have more concerns about manufacturing in China, see more in Concerns.

But aren't workers in Western countries more productive?
Western factories try to retain their competitiveness by utilizing complex capital-intensive flexible-automation machinery and material handling systems.  These make the manufacturing in the US much more automated but requires you to invest a huge capital expenditure for all tooling and support systems for every project.

We reverse this process.  We take the capital out of the production process and reintroduce a greater role for labor.  Our parts are designed to be manufactured, handled, and assembled manually or semi-automatically.  We utilize the low cost and accessible labor here in China to reduce the total capital required by a considerable amount.  And with the low labor costs, not only is it more cost-effective but faster and easier to ramp up volume when manufacturing with us.

Our Expertise Includes:

CAD/3D Drawing

Product Assembly

Injection Molding
Insert Molding
Over Molding
Blow Molding
Extrusion Molding
Compression Molding
Rapid Prototyping

Mold Making
Wire Cutting
Surface Grinding


Hand Layup

Metal Working
Aluminum, Steel, Brass
Die Casting
Sand Casting
Gravity Casting
Machining, Milling, Turning, Boring
Sheet Metal
Powder Coating

Solar Power
PC Boards
Surface Mount

Catalog Printing
5 Color Heidelberg
Hot Stamping
UV Varnish
Spot UV
PP Laminating
Book Binding
Separations and
Press Proofing
Bar Coding and other EDI formats

Stone Processing
Custom Engraving

Stone Carvings

Quality Control
Incoming QC
In Process Control
Outgoing QC
Quality Assurance




Molding Making for Injection Molding, Rapid Prototype Molds and Pultrusion among others
Injection Mold Making

Pultrusion of Composite High Tensile Strength Rods
Pultrusion of Rods

Die Casting and Sand Casting of Aluminum Products
Die Cast and Sand Cast Aluminum Products - Powder Coated Black

FRP Composite Site Amenity Manufacture By Hand Layup
Hand Layup:

Site Amenities

Solid Granite Stone Desk Plaque with Gold Letterering
Engraved Gold Lettered
Solid Granite Desk Plaque

4 Color Printed Box for a multi component injection molded product
4 Color Printed Finished Package

FRP Composite Flooring Manufactured by Hand Layup and Injection Molding
FRP Composite Flooring

Compression Testing in our In-House Laboratory
In-House Testing:

Compression Testing

Stone Processing making an Assembled Stone Ledge Rock Segment
Assembled Stone Ledge Rock




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