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Quality Control
Quality Control is the lifeblood of all manufacturing.  We ourselves would not manufacture for anybody unless we felt that we could produce a high-quality world-class product.
 We have no interest in producing the low-quality inferior shoddy junk that China is famously known for.  That is why our customers depend on us and trust us.  Given people's low expectations of goods coming from China, it's our duty to not only set the bar high, but to surpass it in every way, shape and form.  Our customers know that the goods they are getting from us surpass and exceed their expectations.  This translates into satisfied customers who not only can, but want to time after time come back to us for their production needs.

We have our own In-House Quality Control Department that takes responsibility for the product from start to finish to make sure that it is of the highest quality and meets all specifications.  We consider the cost of Quality Control as an investment of our company and we do not ever slack in this aspect.  We want goods to only go one way, to you.  We have never had goods rejected due to quality issues nor do we want to have them ever do so.  It's just not profitable nor is it reasonable for any buyer who puts his trust into us.  This is why we are detailed and meticulous on every aspect to maintain our quality guarantee. 

It is our western on-site management attention to detail that makes the difference between us and all other goods made in China.

Quality Assurance
To maintain that all of our goods are defect-free, each of our parts is assigned a full quality in process control with a responsible leader from each of our key departments: engineering, tooling, processing/manufacturing and quality control.  It details tolerances, color, finish and every other detail of the product.  No detail is too small for us to check.  Our inspection department is responsible only to management and will not sacrifice quality aspects one iota no matter how urgent production is, our commitment is to make only world-class products.  Our inspection team inspects from the time incoming raw materials and supplies hits our door, through manufacturing and again before the goods depart to you.  These leaders work together to deliver the highest-quality parts that meet and exceed your needs.

To ensure quality production, our inspection team tests and does an IQC, incoming quality control, on all incoming raw materials and supplies.  Workers on the production line are trained to visually inspect all parts during production but we necessitate that our independent inspectors spot check their work behind them to demand excellence.  Critical dimensions are measured every half hour from every lot number to verify their compliance with all required specifications as per our WIP, work-in-process, which is strictly adhered to.  After assembly, the products are checked carefully and again before shipment another QC, outgoing quality control, is done.  All production lots are checked separately and we do destruction tests according to AQL to ensure conformance that our products are defect-free.

Precision instrumentation is utilized by our trained personnel for complete dimensional analysis of molds, parts, and finished products.  We approach this task proactively, developing and implementing an in process control for every product to control both process and product standards throughout the production cycle.  To see more about us, read about who we are.

Using a Thead Go/No-Go Gauge to do QC (Quality Control) Using a Dimensional Go/No-Go Gauge to do QC (Quality Control) Using a Caliper to do QC (Quality Control), Spot Checking

Using a Thead Go/No-Go Gauge

Go/No-Go Gauge for checking dimension specifications

All of our inspectors carry digital calipers for spot checking all dimensions

Every product has a multitude of verification and inspection processes performed to check for non-conformance.  These processes include dimensional, functional and/or destructive tests.  Our in-house laboratory handles all destruction and strength testing.  See more about our testing laboratory.  We utilize ASTM standards, the world-wide leader in technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services.  This allows for our testing regiment to be uniform with every other independent testing laboratory.

In-House Laboratory
Our In-House Inspection Laboratory features state-of-the-art equipment to ensure compliance with our stringent production, assembly and product specifications and tolerances.  See here for more about our In-House Laboratory.

To ensure compliance and continual improvement, our quality assurance system is monitored through a variety of techniques as appropriate for a particular process and its importance.  These include conducting internal audits of the quality system, monitoring trends in corrective and preventive action requests and analyzing product conformity and other quality performance data and trends.

Our Expertise Includes:

CAD/3D Drawing

Product Assembly

Injection Molding
Insert Molding
Over Molding
Blow Molding
Extrusion Molding
Compression Molding
Rapid Prototyping

Mold Making
Wire Cutting
Surface Grinding


Hand Layup

Metal Working
Aluminum, Steel, Brass
Die Casting
Sand Casting
Gravity Casting
Machining, Milling, Turning, Boring
Sheet Metal
Powder Coating

Solar Power
PC Boards
Surface Mount

Catalog Printing
5 Color Heidelberg
Hot Stamping
UV Varnish
Spot UV
PP Laminating
Book Binding
Separations and
Press Proofing
Bar Coding and other EDI formats

Stone Processing
Custom Engraving

Stone Carvings

Quality Control
Incoming QC
In Process Control
Outgoing QC
Quality Assurance



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Gelcoat Mold Making
for Handlayup Products

In-House Testing and QC
In-House Testing:

 Pin Point Load Testing

Pultrusion of

Injection Molded Products:

Rebar Chairs

Rapid Prototype Making




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